Alta Verapaz

This is a department in 22 departments in Guatemala. The capital of Alta Verapaz is Coban, which is also its chief city. The department is surrounded by a host of bio-diverse flora and hence is a site for sore eyes. The department is surrounded on all four by popular cities and hence is the area for all the hustle and bustle.


Rather than being a hotspot for tourists, it is like a crossroad for all. One can ask here to visit the local villages, and any guide will happily grant the request. The exquisite Mayan villages engulf one is a sweet sense of wonder and adventure. The city itself displays the Spirit of Mayan Workers, as one travels from Parque center to Terminal Market.

Lachua Lagoon

If one is deeply interested in flora and fauna and has a desire to spend a quiet and aesthetic day, the best place to go is the Lachua Lagoon. It is accessible by a bus but it is preferred to go trekking as one does not get bored and enjoys the actual beauty of nature around. It is different from other sites as it is yet much unexplored and hence quiet and serene. One can enjoy the sandy beaches and also camp for the night.

Semuc Champey

It is an exquisite natural site, with a number of limestone pools and a wild river. It is a natural landscape right out of one’s imagination. Coban provides shuttle services to go to and fro. One can enjoy a one-day tour complete with a guide and an entrance pass. One can take a walk, swim in the pools and through the caves and also enjoy tubing in the river.

Biotopo Del Quetzal

It is an hour’s ride south of Coban, and a place to see for lovers of nature and hikers. The place offers a variety of flora and fauna and one is suggested to go for biking or a hiking trail to truly enjoy the sounds and views.