Augsburg- Explore This Famous Imperial City

Augsburg is a very popular ancient city in Bavaria. It is the home of Welsers and Fuggers, two very popular medieval merchant families. This is the main German city for the European trade. It has plenty of attractions and sights to offer for the tourists visiting. I was thrilled to have taken the decision to visit the Augsburg city on my visit to Germany.

  • Augsburg Cathedral

This is a very popular Roman cathedral in Germany. It is unique for the huge bronze door that has plenty of artwork on it. The attractions of this church include scenes from the Old Testament on the relief panels, stained glass windows, and double chairs.

  • Fuggerei

This is a small town side the town of Augsburg. It is the oldest housing society on this planet. It was the residence of the poor Catholics once. There are 142 old houses here now apart from a museum, a church, and 67 buildings.

  • Perlachturm

This is the popular watchtower of Augsburg and is about 70 meters tall. It is a status symbol of the city. To get to the top of the observation deck, you need to climb 258 steps. I did it and the sight that I saw from the deck of the city was one to behold in my eyes for a long time.

  • Weberhaus

If you are a fan of ancient buildings, then there is none better than the Weberhaus. This building was a textile trade center during the medieval times. It was built in the 14th century and has a very attractive frontage painting that will instantly catch your eye.

  • Augsburg Zoo

This zoo is the home to over 1600 different animals, reptiles, and birds. There are many endangered species found here that the zoo protects and houses. It is one of the biggest zoos that you will come across in Germany.