Brantford: Relive The History

A few weeks back, I went on a trip to Brantford, a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada with a friend of mine. It is founded on the Grand River and sometimes known as the city of Telephone when Alexander Bell invented the telephone. He had conducted the first call to Paris from Branford.

So we started our trip with visiting the Bell Homestead, a national historic site where Alexander did his invention. The museum has a lot of artifacts related to Bell. We then went to The Sanderson Performing Arts Center. It is a historic theatre, offers various live shows and performances.  This experience offers excellent fishing, paddling, rafting, and birding.

Then we went to the Art Gallery that displays many art exhibits. It is situated in the Gardens of Glenhyrst and beautifully landscaped 16-acre park, which is located on the banks of the river. It offers unique fine art exhibitions, events, lectures and tours and more.  It has over 700 artworks with them. Later we went to Brant Park Conservation Area which is a home base for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Also, it has a swimming pool of more than 1.5 acres. It operates from May 1 to 15th October for camping and usage daily. Also, we attended Culture Days, a nationwide grassroots festival.  It encourages to explore, discover and participate in arts and culture in Brantford.

It is recommended to spend at least a week while visiting this place for a holiday. The place is easily accessible from all major cities, so do not worry if you are coming from far. Do try to hire a vehicle so that you can get around the city more seamlessly, although traveling on foot provides a more localized experience.