Greater Sudbury – A Perfect Fall Tourism Destination

Greater Sudbury is the largest city in Ontario. The place is popular for its French theatres and cultural institutions. There are many art galleries, historic structures, museums, and landmarks in the city. The parks and conservation centers in Greater Sudbury are quite beautiful and serene. My weekend trip to this big city was very exciting. Some of the best places to visit in Sudbury are described below:

  • Bell Park Walkway

Located on the Elizabeth Street, Bell Park Walkway is built on the shores of Ramsey Lake. Thousands of tourists visit the place to have a relaxing time on its beautiful boardwalk. The place is perfect for activities like Kayaking and boating. There are attractive beaches in the area that bring in lots of local tourists during the weekends. The park area has beautiful gardens with lush green trees and long walking trails.

  • Onaping Falls

Onaping Falls is a popular tourist destination located on the Onaping River. The place is known for its beautiful waterfall that can be enjoyed from a bridge located on the river. The hiking trail to the bridge is a bit rocky, but the sights are worth the effort. There are lots of rock formation and tall trees in the area. It is a great location for camping and we ended up spending the whole day near the bridge. The place experiences snowfall during the winters. And the fall season is perfect for sightseeing because the trees change their color into rich shades of orange and yellow.  

  • Science North

Your trip to Sudbury cannot be complete without a visit to the popular Science North specialty museum. It is a science museum with a rocky tunnel that takes you through a geological fault. The place has lots of interactive scientific equipment and exhibits for entertaining and educating the kids. The museum has an interesting collection of insects, butterflies, scientific instruments, and fossils that are millions of years old.